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You're born on a futuristic world where people almost never leave their homes and are submitted to the biddings of the government. Will you follow all the rules or be the responsible for a revolution?

Made primarily for testing a visual novel made within the Godot Engine.

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Published 22 days ago
TagsVisual Novel

Install instructions

The game runs simply on the executable file available for download.


Project Overgrowth.exe (105 MB)
Project Overgrowth 32bit.exe (103 MB)


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aww... unfortunately, it doesn't work on Windows 32bit :'(

Now it ( Probably) does! I added a link for a 32bit version.

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Oh my.... thank so much for the update ^^

Edit : This is a brief event of story, but sums up the significance of independency and vicious politics from a veiled dictator in society :'(

I guess it's a start for something bigger :)