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In a fictional world where London residents refused to return to their homes and chose to remain in the air raid shelters, thus leading to a Nazi victory over the United Kingdom's territory, you're a little girl that was left by your parents at your home in these shelters, and now you must look for them and try to survive.

Install instructions

Simply download the file that matches your OS.


Blitz Shelter.exe (31 MB)
Blitz Shelter 32bit.exe (29 MB)
Blitz Shelter Linux.zip (24 MB)
Blitz Shelter Linux 32bit.zip (24 MB)
Blitz Shelter MacOS.zip (34 MB)


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I enjoy your game so I made a  little video!

Thanks for the appreciation! I really wasn't expecting it to have a gameplay on Youtube since it's a really small game that I made almost from scratch to test some things in the engine while trying to understand more about the graphical adventure genre, but it seems that things turned well! By the way, I think that the video description link redirects to another game, but thanks for it anyway!

First I want to apologize for the having the wrong game page link in the description. I just changed it to the correct page. It's what I get for trying to multitask. You're welcome. I was looking on Itch  for interesting point and clicks. I'm a sort of a history fan. So when I saw your game I was in. And I had to make a video.